Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Midweek Randoms Albrektson Style

Another week, another post!!

:My little C dude is sick. :( Last Wednesday I said we were in teething hell. Now we are in ear infection/cold hell! My little dude is running a fever, coughing, slinging snot everywhere, and just a hot clingy mess. I hate when they are sick! Thankfully he is sleeping okay at night. Last night was a little rough at first but he finally crashed and didn't wake up till 6:30am and then went back to sleep. 

:C is the new proud owner of two teeth!! Oh, and he bit me while nursing. That was awesome. Broke skin and everything. I didn't think he did at first but I was still sore several hours later so I took a look. Yup. Broke skin. Nothing a little coconut oil can't fix. 

:Speaking of coconut oil... Have you jumped on that bandwagon?!? I love coconut oil and put it on everything. Diaper rashes, sore nursing nips, eczema, cracked heels, chapped lips. You name it I've probably put some on it. ;)

:I really really REALLY want to go to Haiti with our church in December. I've felt the heart tugs for a while but thought that was something I would never do. Well two weeks ago during vbs, our focus each morning was on Cabaret Baptist Children's Home. Everyday the kids brought in money and we collected it. It was for Haiti. Our former youth pastor and his family just moved there and are now the directors. They played a video everyday showing what life is like for the children. I could never get through it without having tears rolling down my face. Those children are precious! I looked at my friend Mandy and said "you and me, Haiti?". She said YESSSSSSSS!!! So the plan is to go. I'm praying. Seeking Gods guidance. The hubs isn't on board. :( The trip is the week before Christmas. We will be taking gifts to the kids. Ack! My heart! I gotta go! Please pray for me. I'll need help raising the money as well. 

:Tomorrow is the 4th and the hubs will be home!! Cookout and bomb pops?! Heck yes, y'all!

:We have cable again!!!! I'm so happy. I've missed TLC!! ;)

:I've really been slacking with my weight loss. I still haven't met my goal of 30lbs. I'm so close. I just have no desire to work out or eat right. :( 

:My kids are so cute! Ha!

:Potty training for L is about to start! I'm tired of changing two butts a day. 

:A is ready for kindergarten. Mama, not so much. 

I think I'll wrap it up now and go for a walk before its gets too hot!!

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