Sunday, July 7, 2013

4th of July Recap

Not much happened in the Albrektson household. We are currently battling the ear infection from hades, which turned into the double full blown ear infection from hades!! Poor C has had a rough couple of weeks. The poor man cuts his first teeth in the same week then gets an ear infection. The antibiotic they prescribed wasn't working so now he's having to get shots. 👎 They are so painful too. But it's working thank you Lord. He goes back tomorrow for his last shot then they want us to finish up the other antibiotic. If that doesn't clear it all up, we will be heading to the ENT doc. 

So back to the 4th recap...

We really didn't do much. My kids have inherited my fear of fireworks. L is okay watching as long as they don't get too loud. But A, that girl is deathly afraid! We wet outside after dinner to eat our bomb pops and watch our redneck neighbors light fireworks and she lasted all but 2 minutes. She kept her fingers in her ears the whole time while her bomb pop melted down her arm. Crazy kid! Maybe next year we will go watch at the beach. So 2013 4th was a bust! Hopefully next year will be better. Enjoy some pics I snapped of the kiddos. 
Sick little C. 
Bomb pop hot mess!!

L enjoying his bomb pop! 

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