Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Midweek Randoms Albrektson Style

Howdy! Welcome to the first (and hopefully not last) installment of Midweek Randoms Albrektson Style.  Here's what is randomly floating around in my head...

: there are days when I so desperately think I want to go back to work full time. I know I know, but hear me out. I love my children and the fact that I'm able to be a SAHM. But, some days I get so overwhelmed that I consider finding a job. :( It makes me ad to even think about that too. Seriously hormones. Go home. You're drunk. 
: My son is crazy about trains! Anything that makes a line he says choo choo very loudly! Even in the middle of Lowes on a Saturday morning. Silly kid. 
: I'm a Pinterest pinning freak these days. I nurse C still several times a day and whenever I do I'm on Pinterest. Right now I'm looking up birthday stuff for C's big first birthday. I'm so excited for his party! I'll do a separate post with all my plans soon. It's gonna be awesome!!
: I feel like I'm still recovering from vbs last week. It was a wonderful week working with the 5th&6th grade girls. I learned so so much. And the verse of the week was MY verse! I know, so God huh? 
2 Timothy 1:7 "For God has not given us a spirit of fearfulness but one of peace, love and sound judgement. " 
: I really need a date night. Like ASAP. 
: My baby is starting kindergarten in August. Hold.Me.
: C is cutting teeth! Two at a time. We are in teething hell!!
: And because if teething hell, I've been averaging 2 cups of coffee a day. Last night he woke up at 12:30 with a fever and wanted nothing but boobs and to be held. I nursed him 3 times in 2 hours. I was famished and ended up eating a bowl of cereal around 2am. Awesome. Looks like another week of no lbs lost. :(

I think I'll leave you all with this. There is so much more going through my head but I don't want to bore ya. ;) So I'll leave a few pics to drool over. 

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