Sunday, February 17, 2013

Weekly Weigh In Catch Up

So I've been slacking guys. Sorry. We have had a house full of sickies recently. These weather changes are killing us. L had his first ear infection 2 weeks ago. Then I started feeling like poop with sinus issues. It was bad too! I can't really take much medicine bc I'm nursing C. I ran my first 5k last Saturday and that was the day I felt terrible. (I'll post about the race next) I woke up again yesterday feeling bad. More sinus pressure, a headache AND an earache to boot. I broke down and bought some Tylenol cold medicine. Basically the only thing I can take. I'm praying this passes soon an doesn't mess with my lbs.

Enough with the sickies.. Here's my weight loss updates:

2/2: 3.5 lbs lost
2/9: 1.5 lbs lost
2/16: 1.5 lbs lost

I weighed in yesterday at 174.5! A total loss of 13.5 lbs! Seriously y'all.. I'm so proud haha! I'm shocked that I've lost this much and that I'm sticking to it. My goal is to get in or under the 160s by my birthday. I have 3 months to go. I don't quite know what my final goal is yet. But when I get there I'll be so happy. Until next weigh in...

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  1. Wow! You rock! Way to go. I can't lose a pound to save my life.